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Men Are Wearing “The Pink Slips” Forcing Loss Of Breadwinner Status As Women Surpass Men In Workforce. Cali Pearl Financial Steers Career Women During Dramatic Historical Shift.

Greensboro, NC -2009 President Obama declared it himself, manufacturing jobs that are male-dominated will not be a huge part of the economic recovery; and women will be the bread winners for some time. From jobs to video games to social networking there’s an evolution seen in gender roles like never before. With a shrinking job force women are becoming the bread winners as they are quickly surpassing men on the nation’s payroll for the first time in US history while taking traditionally male dominated jobs. Sherri Brown, founder and president of Greensboro based Cali Pearl, a registered investment advisory firm- no affiliation with banks or other brokerage companies- sees a custom niche in helping career-minded women sort out their fiscal responsibilities. Women who are “too busy” or unsure about their financial options can now have a “financial concierge.”  With Cali Pearl’s unique structure to offer cooperative dialogue with client’s existing CPA firm, attorney, or financial planner, it is one of the first Triad wealth advisors to serve as a personal agent to help synchronize the pieces of clients’ financial puzzles. “A woman’s financial situation is often unique, and an individual approach as personal agent or “financial concierge” to financial planning is essential in today’s marketplace,” says Brown. Women can now have a connection with a company that speaks their language.

Emerging Statistics

  • Over 60% of the nations wealth is now controlled by women.
  • Sixty-eight million women are working full-time
  • Women account for almost 47% of the labor force

As a career-minded business woman, Brown comes from a place of understanding. She identifies with the trend in a shifting economy and mentality, as well as what it means for working women to reshape how they view income and wealth accumulation. Brown provides knowledge, support and resources to professional women who are serious about their money and their future.


Cali Pearl Corporation was founded on the principle of Fiduciary Responsibility which means your financial planning interests always come first. We offer fee-only financial planning and investment advice. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with objective advice and guidance so you can be confident that the counsel you are receiving is in your best interest. The Cali Pearl Corporation, is a NC Registered Investment Advisor – for more information see

Rest, Reassurance, Realization

• Rest- You are only as good as your mind, body and mental spirit so be sure to give it a rest when it needs it.
• Reassurance – That your higher power and creator is true to his word and is always with you.
• Realization- In this fast paced society we live in make the distinction that you can do it! Once you realize that you are the creator of your own dreams, doors just might start opening for you to make it happen. But have a plan.

Euphemisms remind us of certain practices or rules to live by.  One important cliche I often have to remind myself of that was given to me by a very special college instructor in my earlier years is,  “stop and smell the roses.” Of course back then I could not fully understand what that meant. I value those words that were given to me for it helped me learn to rest, be reassured and realize the more important things in life are simple.
From a marketing perspective, it does not have to be so complex. You know that other euphemism, K.I.S.S? “Keep It Simple Stupid.” 
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