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New SEO tips on Google ranking changes.

In celebration of Jesus’ birth, R. E. M. wishes you a joyous holiday season full of long-lasting memories, peace, relaxation and fun. May the New Year bring you good health, growth and wisdom with much prosperity.Valuable Search Engine Marketing Tips: 

  • Search engines are looking more favorably on video content. Consider using more video applying SEO techniques that also draws the website user in.
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns can be rewarding when used properly incorporating Google analytics for tracking your campaign behaviors.
  • Google and Yahoo quality score algorithms have changed, “instead of giving the top ad spot to the highest bidder, search engines now take the perceived quality of the ad’s landing page into account.”- How are your landing pages stacking up?
  • BEWARE- Google will soon be reducing website search ranking scores with slower page loading times.
  • Is your whole website search engine friendly? Will the web crawlers or spiders find enough links on EACH of your pages that go to other pages within your own website?
  • Are you optimizing EACH page of your site and thinking in these above terms? If not, Ripple Effects Marketing can help. Bridging the gap between search engine marketing and what website users expect, it is important to better understand their desires and incorporate them into your web design processes. Want to create your own website and see what R.E.M.’s website solution can really do for your business?

Rest, Reassurance, Realization

• Rest- You are only as good as your mind, body and mental spirit so be sure to give it a rest when it needs it.
• Reassurance – That your higher power and creator is true to his word and is always with you.
• Realization- In this fast paced society we live in make the distinction that you can do it! Once you realize that you are the creator of your own dreams, doors just might start opening for you to make it happen. But have a plan.

Euphemisms remind us of certain practices or rules to live by.  One important cliche I often have to remind myself of that was given to me by a very special college instructor in my earlier years is,  “stop and smell the roses.” Of course back then I could not fully understand what that meant. I value those words that were given to me for it helped me learn to rest, be reassured and realize the more important things in life are simple.
From a marketing perspective, it does not have to be so complex. You know that other euphemism, K.I.S.S? “Keep It Simple Stupid.” 
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