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Marketing To Women

As a woman in let’s say experience
in the following seven categories:
•  Working Mom
•  Business Owner
•  Full-time white-collar worker
•  Homeowner
• Special needs parent
Single Mom
•  Gen Xer
I definitely am part of the 85% of
those women who make any buying
decision and can help with ideas to
market to them.
So what do I look
for you ask?
As a working mom my time is limited
so whatever saves me time is key.
As a business owner my time and
money are limited so I choose avenues
that might require more of my time
BUT save me money.
As a full-time white-collar worker
I value treating myself to a few girly
things like latte or blouse to lift my
spirits further from working a hard
work week.
As a home owner I choose only
working with services my friends
have used and trusted.
As a special needs parent (the mother
of a toddler who has  autism
spectrum disorder
,) I will make
financial sacrifices to ensure my
son has extra training and help
to build always on his God-given
strengths. Einstein, Newton and
other huge contributors of society
were born with it, I want to make
sure my son hones in on his obvious
As a previous single mom and to
some degree still am (husband lives in
another state along with me being the
sole financial provider) I put my God,
son, and husband before me and
always prioritize my spending.
As a Gen Xer I love all the new
gadgets and gizmos that help me
stay organized and saves me time.

As a business owner R.E.M. looks
to provide our clients with:
• A unique vision and honest
perspective of looking through
the eyes of their target customers.
• Create ways and viral marketing
ideas to capture a customer’s way
of thinking to talk more about your
business. After all we should know
your customer’s perspective of
thinking if we fall in any of your
six categories, right?
Did I also mention 16 years of
marketing and sales experience?
Can you gather how I am trying to
target my potential new client?
How am I doing?

Because we like to prove we
never compromise our integrity
please follow this link
as one of our sources for the %
above and to gain even more
insight and facts on how to better
market to women


Environment Marketing in a Fast Paced Economy and Tracking Results

What is environment marketing? Acknowledging different lifestyles and behaviors according to the atmosphere around you and circumstances that affect your customers buying power can help you create more effective means of measuring results. To remain competitive you need to of course develop a strategic marketing plan that eventually leads your business to take advantage over your competitors.There are many little things Ripple Effects Marketing & Web Design does for its clients that make them stand out over their competitors. Seeing opportunities in this fast paced environment and in poor circumstances like low consumer spending habits is key.. Don’t give up. People want to feel loved, appreciated, and accepted and you as a business owner can connect on a deeper level with your current customers now by recognizing more of their personal behaviors in their environment. By doing so your current customers in turn will do your marketing for you through viral marketingWord of mouth is the BEST form of advertising.Now we can’t give away all our secrets at Ripple Effects Marketing & Web Design cause we want potential new clients to contact us so we can perform our unique marketing strategies FOR them. But here is an example that one big chain gas station recognized in people’s need to do more in less time by providing a service, convenience and saving the consumer time. Kudos to Sheetz gas station marketing team that put “order food” touch screens by the gas pumps. The card you use to swipe to pay for gas applies to any food you order.  In addition Sheetz marketing’s creation of their new television campaign, “Feel the love,” touches on the consumer psyche to lift you up.    For more marketing insight please contact us.   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦  

E-Mail Marketing compare before you buy (Read this and save time in your search.)

Today most business owners know that e-mail marketing is one of the most cost efficient means of keeping in touch with your customers in a personal way. But what email service provider do you use to send your email announcement or newsletter out?Here is what I found in my weekend long search:
• Costs more in startup fees then you think
• Not all email marketing companies are the same
• The most widely used email marketing service provider, Constant Contact® is NOT the best according to my findings and criteria
• One email marketing provider, Vertical Response® took four hours to send out my newsletter. Reason being it had to be sure the addresses I provided were not spam. I respect that, but when you need to send out a message that is time sensitive, four hours is too long in my book.
• If you look hard enough you might find a real champion such as that which I found in MailChimpMailChimp  has a great user interface, extra tools, lower monthly cost and positive quirky aspects like messages that say, (“Well, Nicole. Aren’t you a cheeky monkey!”) that makes this MY chosen monthly email service partner.

Most companies want a licensing fee of $700 or more just to start and then your monthly cost ranges on your total subscriber list. With MailChimp it automatically archives all my clients email newsletters, supplies me links to post the newsletter to most social bookmarking sites and provides clear concise stats on open rate, bounces and clicks. Another positive factor I found in MailChimp is pay as you go pricing. This is a great way not to get locked into a monthly fee if you don’t send out monthly newsletters.

Don’t waste your time with: Constant Contact®, Exact Target®, Vertical Response®, I Contact, Campaigner™, or Emma®.  MailChimp is a real champ!

McDonald’s new $1.00 campaign

McDonald’s new billboard campaign in the Triad reads, “$1.00 any size soft drink or large tea.” 
 OK, that sounds great. Then I think their writing concept on this marketing campaign is a little off.  If you think about it, why would someone pay $1.00 for a small soft drink when they get more for their money by just ordering the large?Didn’t they mean, “$1.00 on all large soft drinks or tea”, or “Large soft drinks or tea only $1.00?” Regardless of how thirsty one is, if they don’t want to drink all the fluid a large cup holds they don’t have to, and they are still only paying a dollar. So why order a small?

Concept, idea, relativity, consumer consciousness all are factors to explore in creating your marketing campaign. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your message does not insult your customer. Granted my marketing background and creative mind makes me more subject to judgment than the average consumer.

This campaign is working for them for they have used it before. According to this link: the dollar drink sales top their estimates.  And I am sure THEY ARE LOVIN’ IT!

For more insight visit us at

Rest, Reassurance, Realization

• Rest- You are only as good as your mind, body and mental spirit so be sure to give it a rest when it needs it.
• Reassurance – That your higher power and creator is true to his word and is always with you.
• Realization- In this fast paced society we live in make the distinction that you can do it! Once you realize that you are the creator of your own dreams, doors just might start opening for you to make it happen. But have a plan.

Euphemisms remind us of certain practices or rules to live by.  One important cliche I often have to remind myself of that was given to me by a very special college instructor in my earlier years is,  “stop and smell the roses.” Of course back then I could not fully understand what that meant. I value those words that were given to me for it helped me learn to rest, be reassured and realize the more important things in life are simple.
From a marketing perspective, it does not have to be so complex. You know that other euphemism, K.I.S.S? “Keep It Simple Stupid.” 
  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Tips for saving money in a down economy

I work with business owners everyday who need to market their own business.  I can see in their eyes and hear in their voices the fear of where their retail shops or business will stand in the coming months. Most are thinking about cutting back on the way they advertise to save them money. But what does that really accomplish? Sure there are ways to save but I ask them are they looking at the BIG picture? Look at everything within your business first that could potentially save you money before cutting back on the ONE thing that will keep your business afloat in this economy. For instance:

1.) Are you using your staff to tap into their know-how and ideas of things they see that can help? Are you listening? They want to have a job so they will be more inclined to be open and honest to share their thoughts. 

2.) Are you saving by recycling products?  

3.) Are you searching out new vendors who can save you money on your products and still maintain its quality? 

4.) Are you offering your customers new ways to shop by teaming up with third-parties or non-profit organizations? Many of which that have potential e-mail databases of 1,000s new potential customers JUST for you. 

5.) Have you thought of hiring a professional marketer or blogger to drive traffic to your website or store?  

I hope some of these tips have been helpful. If you find that someone can benefit from this blog, please pass along and visit

New Fundraising idea that could mean coupon books and bake sales a thing of the past!

I have no idea how many schools there are in America but when you factor in schools, PTAs, non-profits and any other business that consistently has methods to raise funds, it is probably in the millions.  Well, raffles aside and silent auctions aside and coupon books aside and buy-a-bucket of cookie dough, nuts or gift wrap aside is a thing of the past.  With Ripple Effects Marketing talents to think of the ‘BIG’ picture, we can custom create a marketing plan for you that enhances your image, builds public relations while boosting fundraising monies.

HOW? It is all based on WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHAT you want to accomplish, as well as the VALUE your business can give to others. Instead of selling a product, create an event that has value to many different types of people and get the location, food, entertainment, door prizes and silent auction items all donated.

At R.E.M., we leverage marketing behaviors from others in many ways you probably have not even thought of!  For instance, every networking group or non-profit organization or sponsor we may retain we always ask to leverage their own e-mail contacts to help promote the charitable event or fundraising function we are doing. Now spam laws means no one can ever give or sell their e-mail contacts to another but with copy, pictures or logos provided, via Word attachment, the supporting businesses can copy and paste into their own e-mail newsletter your fundraising information for when they send out to all their contacts. This is also another means of viral marketing as it gets to as many different people who have the potential to talk about your business fundraising opportunity. If schools or churches put on a big event that was free and provided as much value to someone to want to come, say for instance free food, free entertainment or free massages, then get items donated or resell items for a good profit-margin, imagine the creative opportunities to expand your own business image while raising funds. At Ripple Effects Marketing we even know how to cut your costs in marketing materials when you leverage doing a charitable function or event.

Contact us for a free brief marketing consultation with a demonstration of our state-of the art website/web design solution. Now you know we can’t share all of our secrets live on the web to just anyone. We work hard for those who hire us and entrust us to use our unique ideas for the betterment of them.  Allow Ripple Effects Marketing to earn your business!