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Furnishing Your Website: When you buy a house it does not come fully furnished right? The same goes for your website. You must supply the content. If you are serious about maintaining the image you want to uphold in the eyes of your customers and potential new ones, you need Ripple Effects Marketing to provide you an ‘overhaul review’ of your website and marketing materials.

What is your passion for your business? Are your customers reading you and interpreting your branding image in the way you want to be seen? Are you being found on the web? Are you seeing the BIG picture?

Does your website have any of the following?
…Mis-spelled words ? …Bad sentence structure ? …Wasting user’s time ? …No keyword use for SEO ? …No clarification on what’s in it for THEM ? …No value shown for the customer ? …Wrong choice of words ? …Boring, uninformative website ? …Not knowing target audience ?
…Lack of frequency in branding ? …Not enough internal links for keeping user within your website? …Lazy site with no content of your own, just supplying lots of links ?

Are you thinking like YOUR customer in how they see your business?

R.E.M. writes your content with your unique marketing message around keywords for better search engine optimization! You get the best of BOTH worlds when you use our experienced writing services for marketing, connecting with the customer AND for better search engine optimization to your website! Check out all of those that we have helped or click on the following sites to view the writing supplied by Ripple Effects Marketing Inc. : Lenny Peters Foundation/ Femina Women’s Center/ Triad Energy Resources/ Boston and Associates/ Evy’s Gifts.

We also are accomplished co-authors and have helped people with their own book proposal submission or marketability of their own self-published books. Check out the one R.E.M. helped write, published by Adams Media in Boston, ISBN: #1-59337-479-8.


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