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Search Engine Optimization Facts


Facts: Nearly 88% have successfully increased measurable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) objectives as a direct result of blogging.

Facts: according to Nielsen Oct. 2007 the top blogging sites are:
1.) Blogger
2.) Six Apart TypePad
3.) WordPress
4.) TMZ
5.) LiveJournal
7.) Engadget

Blogging will help all your internet marketing goals but must be maintained at least 3-4 times a week with new content. Now as you can probably see by noticing delayed updates to this blog that I don’t follow these rules personally for my business. So why am I contradicting myself here!  As a full service advertising and marketing firm I believe in always provided value so I hope you will find this blog useful. Because my focus is on R.E.M.’s clients, our time is used up at the end of the day maintaining our clients websites and performing their internet marketing initiatives that we are willing to sacrifice our own.  Consider your own initiatives and blog on things that you are passionate about and maintain frequency updating your content. Or perhaps hire a professional blogger through Ripple Effects Marketing to assist you. We are passionate about sharing our innate creative ideas to enhance your business.


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