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Tips, advice and free marketing know how:

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Tips, advice and free marketing know how:

Network as much as you can with efficiency. Do trade shows and when you do, have a plan and work the plan. Drive traffic to your booth and always provide VALUE.

Don’t be inconsistent with your advertising; inconsistency is a waste of money and time. Frequency is key.

Be willing to spend some money with a savvy marketing consultant like Ripple Effects Marketing in your local market or one who is accustomed to the marketplace cause they lived in it themselves.  A professional and talented marketing/advertising consultant can guide you down the right path the first time and save you money by informing you of better efficient marketing means that better target your potential customers.

Look for ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field. EX: Write articles in trade journals, blogs, social networking sites, speak at professional engagements.

ALL marketing materials should be BRIEF, CLEAR, Concise and Focused keeping the, “What’s In It for Me?” in mind within your content.

Ripple Effects Marketing & Web Design always suggests two last things:
1.) Never let your business become a chore for you and try to have fun. Remember your passion and the one thing you are most passionate about in your business. Let it shine through in reaching out to your customers.
2.) Provide value in all you do.

V ery
A utomatic
L iking/Love
U nderstood by
E veryone ………….for your business!©

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