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To buy or not to buy? Pampering still needed.

Today’s economy I know people are cutting back and not spending more which
a ripple effect to the business owners I deal with daily. Some have cut
back on their advertising which is really the one thing that will keep them afloat.    
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Think about it for a moment:
Your one act of not making a purchase causes a huge ripple effect in the market. 
It not only affects one business owner or person but trickles down to many.

For Instance:
Cut back 1. – Your weekly or monthly massage you pamper yourself to not only helps
decrease your stress level, but increases your circulation and loosens the lactic acid
build up for a healthier more relaxed you.  So you say to yourself, “this is not a bill. “Bye,
bye massages…for now.”

a.)    Eventually your masseuse looses that monthly income and has to cut back on
purchases of oils and lotions or such.

b.)    The vendor that sells her these massage products looses monthly income

c.)     This vendor then has to cut back spending on something they do monthly and the
trickle of the ripple effect starts all over again!                                       

 d.)    Did I mention your stress levels get higher now that your body does not have that
monthly massage fix?  Your body and mind is used to that pampered state.

 e.)    Don’t forget that your masseuse was advertising in the Triad’s hottest award-winning
magazine for women and they cut back in their advertising. So here starts yet another
ripple effect.  OK, I REALLY hate this trickle! ….8-)

 I would like to propose a lets fight the recession buying day! Make a purchase of $40 or
less on one marked day. Enticing? I would love to know what you empowering women think
of this idea if you would like to share.

To help with that added stress for those missing out on monthly massages and to fill those
hunger pains too, visit
     – – – -Keep Smiling!- – – – –

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