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Tips for saving money in a down economy

I work with business owners everyday who need to market their own business.  I can see in their eyes and hear in their voices the fear of where their retail shops or business will stand in the coming months. Most are thinking about cutting back on the way they advertise to save them money. But what does that really accomplish? Sure there are ways to save but I ask them are they looking at the BIG picture? Look at everything within your business first that could potentially save you money before cutting back on the ONE thing that will keep your business afloat in this economy. For instance:

1.) Are you using your staff to tap into their know-how and ideas of things they see that can help? Are you listening? They want to have a job so they will be more inclined to be open and honest to share their thoughts. 

2.) Are you saving by recycling products?  

3.) Are you searching out new vendors who can save you money on your products and still maintain its quality? 

4.) Are you offering your customers new ways to shop by teaming up with third-parties or non-profit organizations? Many of which that have potential e-mail databases of 1,000s new potential customers JUST for you. 

5.) Have you thought of hiring a professional marketer or blogger to drive traffic to your website or store?  

I hope some of these tips have been helpful. If you find that someone can benefit from this blog, please pass along and visit


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