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McDonald’s new $1.00 campaign

McDonald’s new billboard campaign in the Triad reads, “$1.00 any size soft drink or large tea.” 
 OK, that sounds great. Then I think their writing concept on this marketing campaign is a little off.  If you think about it, why would someone pay $1.00 for a small soft drink when they get more for their money by just ordering the large?Didn’t they mean, “$1.00 on all large soft drinks or tea”, or “Large soft drinks or tea only $1.00?” Regardless of how thirsty one is, if they don’t want to drink all the fluid a large cup holds they don’t have to, and they are still only paying a dollar. So why order a small?

Concept, idea, relativity, consumer consciousness all are factors to explore in creating your marketing campaign. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your message does not insult your customer. Granted my marketing background and creative mind makes me more subject to judgment than the average consumer.

This campaign is working for them for they have used it before. According to this link: the dollar drink sales top their estimates.  And I am sure THEY ARE LOVIN’ IT!

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