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Marketing To Women

As a woman in let’s say experience
in the following seven categories:
•  Working Mom
•  Business Owner
•  Full-time white-collar worker
•  Homeowner
• Special needs parent
Single Mom
•  Gen Xer
I definitely am part of the 85% of
those women who make any buying
decision and can help with ideas to
market to them.
So what do I look
for you ask?
As a working mom my time is limited
so whatever saves me time is key.
As a business owner my time and
money are limited so I choose avenues
that might require more of my time
BUT save me money.
As a full-time white-collar worker
I value treating myself to a few girly
things like latte or blouse to lift my
spirits further from working a hard
work week.
As a home owner I choose only
working with services my friends
have used and trusted.
As a special needs parent (the mother
of a toddler who has  autism
spectrum disorder
,) I will make
financial sacrifices to ensure my
son has extra training and help
to build always on his God-given
strengths. Einstein, Newton and
other huge contributors of society
were born with it, I want to make
sure my son hones in on his obvious
As a previous single mom and to
some degree still am (husband lives in
another state along with me being the
sole financial provider) I put my God,
son, and husband before me and
always prioritize my spending.
As a Gen Xer I love all the new
gadgets and gizmos that help me
stay organized and saves me time.

As a business owner R.E.M. looks
to provide our clients with:
• A unique vision and honest
perspective of looking through
the eyes of their target customers.
• Create ways and viral marketing
ideas to capture a customer’s way
of thinking to talk more about your
business. After all we should know
your customer’s perspective of
thinking if we fall in any of your
six categories, right?
Did I also mention 16 years of
marketing and sales experience?
Can you gather how I am trying to
target my potential new client?
How am I doing?

Because we like to prove we
never compromise our integrity
please follow this link
as one of our sources for the %
above and to gain even more
insight and facts on how to better
market to women


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