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Environment Marketing in a Fast Paced Economy and Tracking Results

What is environment marketing? Acknowledging different lifestyles and behaviors according to the atmosphere around you and circumstances that affect your customers buying power can help you create more effective means of measuring results. To remain competitive you need to of course develop a strategic marketing plan that eventually leads your business to take advantage over your competitors.There are many little things Ripple Effects Marketing & Web Design does for its clients that make them stand out over their competitors. Seeing opportunities in this fast paced environment and in poor circumstances like low consumer spending habits is key.. Don’t give up. People want to feel loved, appreciated, and accepted and you as a business owner can connect on a deeper level with your current customers now by recognizing more of their personal behaviors in their environment. By doing so your current customers in turn will do your marketing for you through viral marketingWord of mouth is the BEST form of advertising.Now we can’t give away all our secrets at Ripple Effects Marketing & Web Design cause we want potential new clients to contact us so we can perform our unique marketing strategies FOR them. But here is an example that one big chain gas station recognized in people’s need to do more in less time by providing a service, convenience and saving the consumer time. Kudos to Sheetz gas station marketing team that put “order food” touch screens by the gas pumps. The card you use to swipe to pay for gas applies to any food you order.  In addition Sheetz marketing’s creation of their new television campaign, “Feel the love,” touches on the consumer psyche to lift you up.    For more marketing insight please contact us.   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦  

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