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E-Mail Marketing compare before you buy (Read this and save time in your search.)

Today most business owners know that e-mail marketing is one of the most cost efficient means of keeping in touch with your customers in a personal way. But what email service provider do you use to send your email announcement or newsletter out?Here is what I found in my weekend long search:
• Costs more in startup fees then you think
• Not all email marketing companies are the same
• The most widely used email marketing service provider, Constant Contact® is NOT the best according to my findings and criteria
• One email marketing provider, Vertical Response® took four hours to send out my newsletter. Reason being it had to be sure the addresses I provided were not spam. I respect that, but when you need to send out a message that is time sensitive, four hours is too long in my book.
• If you look hard enough you might find a real champion such as that which I found in MailChimpMailChimp  has a great user interface, extra tools, lower monthly cost and positive quirky aspects like messages that say, (“Well, Nicole. Aren’t you a cheeky monkey!”) that makes this MY chosen monthly email service partner.

Most companies want a licensing fee of $700 or more just to start and then your monthly cost ranges on your total subscriber list. With MailChimp it automatically archives all my clients email newsletters, supplies me links to post the newsletter to most social bookmarking sites and provides clear concise stats on open rate, bounces and clicks. Another positive factor I found in MailChimp is pay as you go pricing. This is a great way not to get locked into a monthly fee if you don’t send out monthly newsletters.

Don’t waste your time with: Constant Contact®, Exact Target®, Vertical Response®, I Contact, Campaigner™, or Emma®.  MailChimp is a real champ!


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