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New Fundraising idea that could mean coupon books and bake sales a thing of the past!

I have no idea how many schools there are in America but when you factor in schools, PTAs, non-profits and any other business that consistently has methods to raise funds, it is probably in the millions.  Well, raffles aside and silent auctions aside and coupon books aside and buy-a-bucket of cookie dough, nuts or gift wrap aside is a thing of the past.  With Ripple Effects Marketing talents to think of the ‘BIG’ picture, we can custom create a marketing plan for you that enhances your image, builds public relations while boosting fundraising monies.

HOW? It is all based on WHO you are, WHAT you do and WHAT you want to accomplish, as well as the VALUE your business can give to others. Instead of selling a product, create an event that has value to many different types of people and get the location, food, entertainment, door prizes and silent auction items all donated.

At R.E.M., we leverage marketing behaviors from others in many ways you probably have not even thought of!  For instance, every networking group or non-profit organization or sponsor we may retain we always ask to leverage their own e-mail contacts to help promote the charitable event or fundraising function we are doing. Now spam laws means no one can ever give or sell their e-mail contacts to another but with copy, pictures or logos provided, via Word attachment, the supporting businesses can copy and paste into their own e-mail newsletter your fundraising information for when they send out to all their contacts. This is also another means of viral marketing as it gets to as many different people who have the potential to talk about your business fundraising opportunity. If schools or churches put on a big event that was free and provided as much value to someone to want to come, say for instance free food, free entertainment or free massages, then get items donated or resell items for a good profit-margin, imagine the creative opportunities to expand your own business image while raising funds. At Ripple Effects Marketing we even know how to cut your costs in marketing materials when you leverage doing a charitable function or event.

Contact us for a free brief marketing consultation with a demonstration of our state-of the art website/web design solution. Now you know we can’t share all of our secrets live on the web to just anyone. We work hard for those who hire us and entrust us to use our unique ideas for the betterment of them.  Allow Ripple Effects Marketing to earn your business!


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